Proseminar Matrix Analysis (SS 22)

Here you find information about the proseminar on Matrix Analysis in the summer term 2022.


  1. General Information
  2. Kick-Off Meeting
  3. Topics
  4. Goal of the Seminar
  5. Expectations
  6. Schedule
  7. Grading
  8. Literature

General Information


Please contact Ihno Schrot if you have questions regarding this seminar.

Kick-Off Meeting Date
Monday, April 25, 14:00, in SR 9 (INF 205)
Mondays, 14:00 - 16:00
Seminarroom 9 (SR 9) in INF 205

We meet in person.

Bachelor students Master students cannot attend this seminar. But, we offer a seminar for Master students, too.
You should have attended at least the following courses:
  • Analysis 1
  • Linear Algebra 1

The following courses are recommended but less important:

  • Analysis 2
  • Introduction to Numerics

You can of course still join the seminar if you are missing one of the latter courses, but we recommend that you attend the courses in parallel then.

To participate in the proseminar, please register for the proseminar on MÜSLI. The number of participants is limited to 14.

Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting takes place on Monday, April 25, 14:00, in SR 9 (INF 205). Here, we

  • discuss organizational matters,
  • form pairs if necessary,
  • distribute the topics,
  • discuss the schedule.


The topics will be the chapters of the book Horn, Roger A., and Charles R. Johnson. Matrix analysis. Cambridge university press, 2012. Each speaker pair will choose one chapter and present parts of this chapter.

The password will be shared in the information email for the kick-off meeting and in the kick-off meeting.

The relevant chapters are:

  • Unitary Similarity and Unitary Equivalence
  • Canonical Forms for Similarity and Triangular Factorizations
  • Hermitian Matrices, Symmetric Matrices, and Congruences
  • Norms for Vectors and Matrices
  • Location and Perturbation of Eigenvalues
  • Positive Definite and Semidefinite Matrices
  • Positive and Nonnegative Matrices

Goal of the Seminar

Teach your fellow students your topic in an understandable yet professional way!


In order to complete the seminar successfully you have to

  • attend the weekly meetings,
  • prepare and do a presentation of 90min (+10min discussion) in pairs

You do not need to write an essay.

Further we expect

  • a thorough understanding of your topic,
  • professional display and communication of Mathematics,
  • scientific literature work,
  • a professional presentation (the presentation technique is up to you).


April 25thKick-Off MeetingNone 
May 23rdUnitary Similarity and Unitary EquivalenceLeo, Yoko 
May 30thHermitian Matrices, Symmetric Matrices, and CongruencesAmelia, Mingyang 
June 13thNorms for Vectors and MatricesJanina, Levente 
June 27thLocation and Perturbation of EigenvaluesAnna, DavidThis talk has been postponed by one week.
July 04thPositive Definite and Semidefinite MatricesRoujing, ValentinThis talk has been postponed by one week.
NoneCanonical Forms for Similarity and Triangular FactorizationsNoneThis talk has been dropped.
NonePositive and Nonnegative MatricesNoneThis talk has been dropped.


We primarly rate your talks based on this rubric.


We expect you to identify and use further literature if necessary on your own! The following literature suggestions are to be understood as starting points.

Basis for all talks

The password will be shared in the information email for the kick-off meeting and in the kick-off meeting.